Thursday, April 16, 2009

Counterspin: T.R. Reid on Sick Around America, Mark Danner on torture

T.R. Reid on Sick Around America, Mark Danner on torture
Counterspin (FAIR)

Sick Around America, the recently aired documentary on PBS's Frontline purported to ask why the US can't finance universal health care the way other developed countries do. But the picture was at best incomplete, since it seems some options were considered off the table. We'll hear from reporter and author T.R. Reid, who worked on Sick Around America as a follow up to his Sick Around the World from last year, but who disassociated himself from the domestic version when he saw what producers had done with it. What was wrong? We'll find out.

Also on the show: A landmark essay in the New York Review of Books details U.S. torture of detainees through Red Cross interviews with the detainees themselves. Mark Danner's powerful piece raises questions about how a society that claims to seek justice, can look the other way when faced with evidence that high officials have ordered heinous crimes? We'll talk to Danner about the Red Cross Report and what it means.

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