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Lexington Peace Fare: May 9, 2009

Peace Fare, May 9 2009

Building off the success of last year’s edible fundraiser for the BCTC Peace and Global Citizenship Fair, we are now taking reservations for a May 9 dinner and a show at the sometimes-elegant restaurant, 430, located in historic downtown Lexington. Like last year, the event will help raise money for this year’s version of the Peace and Social Justice Fair to be held the following Saturday, May 16.

Songwriter Wes Houp, featured in the 2008 Peace and Global Citizenship Fair Music Sampler, will perform a set before dinner. Wes has strong ties to the inner bluegrass region, and his songs—Barely Living Wage Blues, Black Mountain Right of Way, Surge and Wait, Harry’s Blues, Indiana Idyll, The Great Out There, and Methadone Clinic, among others—often focalize intimate and far-flung social forces through bluegrass lifeways. Showtime is at 5:00.

In order to offer greater availability for the fundraiser, the braintrust at 430 has come up with three separate pricing structures. Below are the structures and what you get with them:

The Gandhi ($25): A warm feeling; Wes Houp show; 3-course+ dinner (small appetizers, pasta course, salad course, dessert) on premises.

The Emma Goldman ($10): A warm feeling; Wes Houp show; grilled hamburgers and portabello mushrooms at the home of Michael Benton, located a short walk away.

The Jim Embry ($5): A warm feeling; Wes Houp show; post-show directions to Al’s Bar or Green Lantern or Third Street Stuff.

When: Saturday May 9, 4:00-9:00 PM; Wes Houp show at 5:00
Where: 430, located at 430 North Martin Luther King Blvd.

For Questions or purchase of a ticket, contact Danny Mayer at Danny dot Mayer at kctcs dot edu

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