Monday, April 27, 2009

Sam Pizzigati: A Serial Job-Killer Is Stalking America

A Serial Job-Killer Is Stalking America
by Sam Pizzigati
Too Much

Conservatives in Congress, predictably enough, are going after the wrong suspect. In the process, CEOs are getting away with economic murder — and labor law reform stands imperiled.

A new crime has burst out onto America’s political blotter. Move over drug pushing and car stealing, meet the new menace. Job killing. But fear not. We now have in Congress a dedicated army of self-selected saviors who have loudly vowed to keep us protected.

And just how are these lawmakers going to keep our jobs secure? They’re going to put the kibosh on labor law reform.

Wealth sharesAmericans who believe all workers have the right to bargain collectively with their employers have been battling for labor law reform for some time now. The plentiful loopholes in our current labor law, they note, let companies make life intolerably miserable for workers who want to start a union. But reform had no chance so long as George W. Bush sat in the White House.

With Barack Obama’s election, real reform has once again become politically viable. And America’s anti-union business leaders know it. They’ve been spending furiously on anti-reform ads and lobbying. And now the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is threatening a “firestorm bordering on Armageddon” if Democrats in Congress try to get reform onto President Obama’s desk.

Business groups are claiming that passage of the Employee Free Choice Act — the prime pending labor law reform bill — would “harm the economy and cost millions of jobs.” In Congress, reform foes are echoing that pitch at every opportunity. Labor law reform, as South Dakota Senator John Thune enjoys asserting, would be “a job killer for our economy.”

This drumbeat won’t be letting up anytime soon. Corporate interests have even named their anti-reform front group the “Alliance To Save Main Street Jobs.”

But we need to give the masterminds of this campaign against labor law reform some credit. They actually do have a legitimate point to make. Job killers really are stalking America today. Here's the catch: The real-life “job killers” in our midst aren’t pushing the Employee Free Choice Act. They’re opposing it.

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