Wednesday, September 30, 2009

20 Songs

here are a rotating list of 20 songs ...

"How I Feel" by Wax Tailor

"Yell Fire" by Michael Franti/Spearhead

"Nuh Skin Up Dub" by Keith Hudson and the Soul Syndicate

"Rising Up" by The Roots

"Sincerely Jasper" by Jasper & the Prodigal Sons

"The Stars Are Projectors" by Modest Mouse

"Supermodel-Superficial" by Voodoo Queen

"Sexopolis" by Jean Pierre Mirouze

"Kolory" by Post Regiment

"Let the World Turn" by Death

"Five String Serenade" by Mazzy Star

"Teen Age Riot" by Sonic Youth

"We Can't Make It Here Anymore" by James McMurty

"Supertheory of Everything" by Gogol Bordello

"FuckShitStack" by Reggie Watts

"Ain't no sunshine" by Ladysmith Black Mambazo & Des'ree

"Things You Can Do" by Deltron 3030

"We're Not Alone" by Peeping Tom

"Anything You Like" by Elysian Fields

"Paint It Black" by Rolling Stones


Tori said...

I love these lists. I had to go look at my own 13 favorite songs (based on my iTunes ratings I have about 100 super-faves), so from those, in no particular order:

1. Use Me, Bill Withers
2. Unchained, Johnny Cash
3. Guns of Brixton, Nouvelle Vague (shoot me, I like the cover better than the original)
4. I'll Take you There (Staple Singers: Everyone who knows me well, knows that this is the song I want playing at my funeral)
5.Hallelujah (by anyone who sings it)
6.El Carretero, Buena Vista Social Club
7.The Mercy Seat, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
8.Sang Fezi, Wyclef
9.Come As You Are, Nirvana
10.Elvis Everywhere, Kronos Quartet
11.Goodnight Irene, Leadbelly
12. Holy to the Lord, Neko Case
13.Bob Dylan, Tangled up in Blue

Thivai Abhor said...

Tori, thanks for sharing your list... I'll check out the song. I'm particularly intrigued by the cover of Guns of Brixton. Have you heard Mavis Staples latest CD--awesome! The Mercy Street is a fave.

Skinny Devil said...

GREAT list!!!

I'm impressed that you managed to get it down to only 20 songs (even in a rotating list). Best I can ever manage is "my favorites right this minute" (hahahaha!!!).

Thivai Abhor said...

That is why it has to be a rotating list ;)