Sunday, May 23, 2010

Best of the Left #364: Delusions of fascism, journalism and grandeur (Media)

#364 Delusions of fascism, journalism and grandeur (Media)
Best of the Left

Act 1: Glenn Beck’s Nazi Tourette’s – Daily Show
Song 1: Better be quite now – Elliott Smith

Act 2: The power of conservative media – Young Turks
Song 2: Everything In Its Right Place – Radiohead

Act 3: Dissecting NBC report on financial reform – Jimmy Dore
Song 3: Too much information – Duran Duran

Act 4: Bernie Goldberg fires back – Daily Show
Song 4: Knock yourself out – Jon Brion

Act 5: Fox News spins net neutrality – Young Turks
Song 5: So much more – Marc Robillard

Act 6: Jon Meacham on sale of Newsweek – Daily Show
Song 6: Who will buy – Oliver Twist

Act 7: Goldman defended in the media – Counterspin
Song 7: You’re a wolf – Sea Wolf

Act 8: Glenn to the mountaintop – Colbert Report

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