Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Support the Dream Act Legislation

Hello all,

Please take a few minutes to read this carefully and reflect upon what is being asked of our group and of you for the next 6 weeks.

National Updates

As we get closer to making the DREAM act a reality, many efforts have been made across the country to show our communities and our legislators the importance of the DREAM Act. Students including our very own Kentucky DREAM Coalition have sacrficed a lot to get to this point and it is making a big impact. Many of us went hungry for 65 hours here in Kentucky and NY will soon follow, students in California protested and took to the streets, rallies and vigils have been held in MI and are being planned for MA and MT, students all over the state of FL are planning sit-ins, students in TX held a DREAM graduation and as you know, 4 amazing student leaders risked life as they know it and are facing deportation after they held a sit-in in Senator McCain's office last week. Since then, United We DREAM representatives and their student affiliates have met with many Senators and Congressman in Washington D.C. urging for DREAM to be passed this year.

Kentucky as a Key State

Which leads me to the next point. Kentucky is now in the middle of a major organizing push in which Senator Bunning has become a major target for the DREAM Campaign. Senator Schumer (NY-D) who has been championing CIR in the Senate has expressed concern that as of Memorial Day, CIR will more than likely be "dead" this year because of the lack of Republican support. With that in mind, Senator Schumer expressed great interest in the fact that the DREAM movement had a relationship with Senator Bunning and sees him as a target Republican. If we are able to get Senator Bunning's support, then support from other conservative republicans like Senator Brown of Massachusetts and Senator Snow and Senator Collins of Maine will follow through. Metaphorically speaking Senator Bunning could potentially be the lead domino initiating other Republican support WHEN we are able to get him on board with DREAM.

Yes, you read this right... Kentucky is a key focus state and Senator Bunning will be a major target for us as we move forward. This is not going to be easy, but it is possible. If we stay focused on the end cause: Making DREAM a Reality and taking each step forward with love and respect and each step with unshakeable passion we will celebrate the victory of a DREAM fulfilled.

Next Steps

Each and every person reading this email needs to make great efforts to making DREAM a reality as if your life depended on it. For many of us, our lives do depend on this legislation and we must all work hard together as one voice to encourage and persuade Senator Bunning to listen and take on our cause. I am convinced that if we do work hard and believe in ourselves and our work, we will acheive victory, so I ask you to put away any fears or negative thoughts. Put away your doubts and your preconceived opinions of Senator Bunning and our communities. Begin to see what I see; a new day in which Kentucky will embrace this cause. Our passion will be contagious and our hope for a better tomorrow and for access to full opportunities will inspire even our critics. WE have accomplished so much thus far; we have changed the culture of Kentucky through the college fairs, leadership camps, fundraisers, workshops, art, poetry and community events. We have starved, we have sacrficed time with family and friends, we have burned up the highways between Kentucky and Washington D.C. and we can gain the support of Senator Bunning.

Please recommit to this cause. As one strong solid voice we can make a difference that will change lives of many students in Kentucky and across the United States.

What can you do?

1. Petitions: http://www.facebook.com/l/7016b;action.dreamactivist.org/petition/bunning/

Please share this petition link with EVERYONE you know. Put it as your FACEBOOK status, send it to all your friends and family and fill it out everyday! It only takes 5 seconds. DO IT!

2. The Application DRIVE: Please email us at kydreamactivist@gmail.com for a file that contains the cover letters and generic applications we must use to target Senator Bunning. Please read the instructions and please work with student, educators, parents, community members and churches in your areas to fill out the ally or DREAMer letter for Senator Bunning and the application directed at Senator Bunning. We need to start flooding his offices with messages of our contributions to this state. Don't be afraid to say who you are and what you have done. It is important that our voices are added to the beautiful anthem of this cause and that we all step up and step out of the shadows of uncertainty and fear we have put ourselves in. We cannot change Kentucky if we continue to believe the lies that we do not matter and that we should live in fear and marginalization.

3. Phone Banking: CALL, CALL, CALL. Commit to calling all of Bunning's offices (and leave messages if no one answers) everyday, at least once or twice a day. That means 12 phone calls a day. The anti-immigrant side, which is small, is successful because they are relentless. They call all day everyday to let our legislators know they DO NOT want DREAM to be a reality. They do so in HATE. We can do the same thing but in LOVE. WE cannot change our opposition with hate or silence... only through love in the form of spoken words.

Bunnings Numbers are: Washington D.C: 202-224-4343; Fort Wright: 859-341-2602; Hopkinsville: 270-885-12112;
Owensboro: 270-689-9085; Louisville: 502-582-5341; Hazard: 606-435-2390

4. Meetings and Sit-Ins: We are sending a delegation of 4 students to Washington D.C. to meet with Senator Bunning's staff this Wednesday at 12 noon. We have also formally requested a meeting with Senator Bunning when he is in-district next week. I will update everyone about the meeting date and time once it is formalized. If we are not given a meeting, we will stage sit-ins in Senator Bunning's Fort Wright office until we are given one. In the event of a meeting or a peaceful sit-in, we NEED as many DREAM Supporters as possible to hold a peaceful and positive vigil outside of the office while the meetings (OR sit-ins) are taking place. Please be ready to take quick actions once we call upon you.

5. Accomplishments: We want to show how much we have contributed to this state so please send us the following informaiton and gather this information from as many of your friends and fellow students and community members as possible:
First Name:
Kentucky City:
List of Community Services, leadership roles, accomplishments/awards and military/ROTC participation:

6. BASEBALLS: We want to take buckets of baseballs to Senator Bunning. HE lived his dream of playing baseball for the Detroit Tigers. We are asking organizations, schools, communities to buy a baseball, and have as many individuals sign it in support of the DREAM Act. Once you collect the baseballs let me know (Erin at puravida.erin@gmail.com) and we will arrange for someone to pick them up.

Other actions being planned are community meetings in Lexington and an art project entitled "Secured Futures led to Secured Borders"... Stay tuned for details.

All these actions if done in dedication, with focus and in love will result in Senator Bunning's support of the DREAM Act. Even if you think this is impossible, step out on faith. “Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase.” Martin Luther King, Jr.
The next Kentucky DREAM Coalition meeting will be held at BCTC on Friday at 1:00 pm in the Academic and Technical Building Lobby. A conference call number will be available. We understand that many of you are still in school and working so we ask you to let us know what you can do, what you are willing to do and how we can help you. A group of Enlace students will be heading to Bowling Green Friday afternoon to help them with their fundraiser. We are also willing to travel to your area to help organize. Please let us know if you need this help.

Please stay connected to the group and please take action. More information and updates will be sent as they come in so please take these emails seriously.

Thank you for all your hard work and your contributions to this cause. Estudiantes unidos no seran vencidos...

The DREAM is coming... What are you prepared to do to acheive your DREAM?

Humbly, Erin, Alexis, Roy and the Kentucky DREAM Coalition

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