Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Weekly Signals: Winslow Myers -- Living Beyond War: A Citizen’s Guide.

An interview with Winslow Myers the author of Living Beyond War: A Citizen’s Guide.
Wekkly Signals (KUCI)

After thousands of years, the dream of a world without war may seem hopelessly unrealistic. But, as Winslow Myers shows in this concise, eloquent primer, what is truly unrealistic is the notion that war remains a reasonable solution to the conflicts on our planet. He begins by showing why war has become obsolete (though obviously not extinct): it doesn't solve the problems that ostensibly justify it; its costs are unacceptably high; the destructiveness of modern weapons could lead to human extinction; and there are better alternatives. After elaborating on these points, he outlines a new way of thinking that will be necessary if we are to move beyond war, in particular a recognition of our oneness and global interdependence. Finally, he outlines practical alternatives and inspiring examples that anticipate the goal of a world beyond war.

Winslow Myers is an artist and teacher who has worked for many years with Beyond War.

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