Wednesday, August 31, 2011

ENG 102: Fall 2011 Student Websites

I recommend you check out:

Everything is Gravy to see the possibilities for your website (design) and some good responses.

11am class:

Class Voting for Subject: Drugs

Michael Keene

Maggie Cohen

Amy Cook

Kylie Marshall-Bonn

Andrew Goins

Morgan Webb

Amy Edgell

Steven Burt

Phil Flaga

Garrett Nutgrass

Arlene Johnson (link to the website is not working)

Anthoney Murray (put in grades: credit 2-4; no credit 5 and proposal)

Octavious Robinson (credit #4 and #5; incomplete #3; no credit response 2 and proposal)

Clay McDowell (no credit for responses #2, #3, #4, #5, and proposal)


Lauren Carnagie

Mon'Trace Pennington

Cameron Horseman

Kara Hutchinson

Alex Etienne

Josh Barkley

DA Wiglesworth

Keara Evans

2 PM Class:

Class Voting for Subject: Music

Krista Hurst

Sarah Phillips

Randy White

Dimitri Agtarap

Alex Nelson

Kristen Bowlds

Bailey Egan

Alan Wood

Allison Coleman

Mason Kirk (absent)

Adrian Collier

Chelsea Boston

Alec Goodhart

Dylan Jenkins

Chris Snider

Ramon Edmonds

Lindsey Petersen

Justin Peavler

Chris McKinney

Monica Sizemore

Amy Thornberry

Brad Cundiff

Class 3:30 PM

Class Voting for Subject: Religion/Faith/Spirituality

Philip Sharkey

Paige Fuller (three books on sexuality: Sexuality and Socialism; History of Sexuality; Sexual Communities)

James McCollum

Katie Beard

Angela White

Judston Hill

Chelsea Burrus

Sara Sanders

Cody Courtney

Anthony Rhodes

Reesor Reesor

Trey Becknell

Suanne Bartley

Ashley Simpson (Absent)

Amanda Rogers

Jonathan Livers

Marshonda Haynes

Jonathan Maupin

Ashtin Strelke

Kristy Watkins

Michael Hillard

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