Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ideas: How To Think About Science #7 - Arthur Zajonc on Goethe Way of Knowing and the Discoveries of Modern Physics

Episode 7 - Arthur Zajonc
Ideas (Canada: CBC)

One of Arthur Zajonc's inspirations is the great German poet Goethe. Goethe died nearly two centuries ago. Arthur Zajonc works at the cutting edge of contemporary quantum physics. But it is the old poet, Zajonc thinks, who can best show us how we ought to contemplate the puzzling discoveries of modern physics. In this episode, physicist Arthur Zajonc talks to David Cayley about Goethe's way of knowing, about the philosophical challenge of contemporary physics, and about the role of contemplation in science. And since his name so closely resembles the name of his subject, you also hear many unintentional rhymes as Zajonc discusses science.

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