Sunday, September 12, 2004

Cosmic Baseball Association

I'm not really sure what the Cosmic Baseball Association is all about but it has fascinating biographies and links for the players. Perhaps it is a play on Robert Coover's novel "The Universal Baseball Association, Inc: J. Henry Waugh, Proprietor" (Plume, 1968)? Anyways, while it has some bizarre randomness to the baseball seasons and stats, I recommend browsing the interesting biographical backgrounds of the players (all famous/notorious/historical personas).

For instance check out the lineup for the Dharma Beats which then includes biographies of each of the players, such as this one for William Burroughs

There are even honored retired Players such as this one for Frank Zappa and interviews with players/managers and even a journal with regular issues.

And then these mythical cosmic baseball teams play each other--strange, fascinating and freaky! Thanks Andrew Lambert for throwing my mind for a swerve!

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