Friday, September 17, 2004

MoveOn Student Action: Open Letter to President Bush on Iraq War

(courtesy Julie Barbour and Deborah Kirkman)

MoveOn Student Action is publishing an open letter to President Bush demanding hard answers on Iraq. Can you help us find 100,000 student signers in the next 5 days? To sign the letter look for link at the end of the message:

Dear President Bush,

As students and young Americans, we are demanding an explanation.

The vast majority of the 1000 brave soldiers killed and 7000 wounded in Iraq have been young people. We have lost friends, classmates, and siblings.

Before you launched this war you promised it would be swift. Over a year ago, you declared that our mission was accomplished. Since then, the casualty rate has only continued to rise.

Experts are now saying that poor planning for the occupation has overstretched our armed forces and put us on the road to a draft.

Now you ask our generation to trust you with our vote, and with our lives. But first, Mr. President, there are a few things we deserve to know.
What is your plan to end this war?
What is the mission now, and when will it be truly accomplished?
Most importantly, when will we know that the last of our friends has died?

We await your answer.


The Undersigned Students and Young Americans

Dear MoveOn member,

Last week in more than 1,000 vigils across the nation, MoveOn members memorialized the 1,000 brave American men and women who've given their lives in Iraq. As the death toll continues to rise, thousands of young Americans soldiers are paying the ultimate price.

That's why today students and young people nationwide -- through MoveOn Student Action - are standing up to demand answers from President Bush. To make sure Bush gets the point, they're going to print an open letter to the President on Iraq in the New York Times. The goal is gather 100,000 signatures from young people across the country in the next 5 days - making this the largest online student petition in history.

If you're a student or young American, please join them by signing below. If you're not, please pass this message on to someone who is. We only have 5 days to collect 100,000 signatures.

To read the full text and sign the letter, just go to:

Iraq Letter

To donate towards the cost of the New York Times ad, just go to:


MoveOn Student Action is a student driven project of the Voter Fund and Click Back America, aimed at helping young people use their power as citizens. Here's a message from project director Ben Brandzel:
President Bush's war of choice has taken a heavy toll on our generation. Young people have suffered the vast majority of the 1000 deaths and 7000 injuries sustained in Iraq. We've lost friends, classmates, and siblings; and it's only getting worse.

Experts are now saying that Bush's poor planning and go-it-alone approach have left our armed forces overstretched and pushed us towards a national draft.

That's why we need 100,000 students and young Americans to stand up with us and demand a plan to end this war. Please join us, at:

Iraq Letter

This letter is only the beginning. MoveOn Student Action is also running an extensive program to help get out the youth vote in 2004. To really hold our officials accountable, including the President, we must start with a clear message and then back it up on election day. To make sure that happens, just sign up to volunteer when you sign the letter.

Thanks for all you do,

--Wes Boyd
MoveOn Voter Fund
September 17th, 2004

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