Monday, September 20, 2004

The Plea: Justice in a Democracy?

Anyone, of average means, who has ever been snared in the American judicial system will recognize the insanity of these processes... you never see this on Law and Order or the countless other cop/lawyer TV shows...

“The Plea: Nearly 95% of All Cases Resulting in Felony Convictions Never Reach a Jury. They are Settled Through Plea Bargains In Which a Defendant Agrees To Plead Guilty In Exchange For a Reduced Sentence. But What Are the Implications of a System That Relies on Pleas to Expedite Justice?” Frontline (PBS: June, 2004)

Does this make anyone mad? Should we give a damn?


Deleted said...

The effect of plea bargaining is to remove the concepts of justice and morality altogether and replace them self-interest and efficiency. It falls hardest on those least able to defend themselves and allows those with the most money to game the system. Is it possible not to get mad? This is social darwinism with a heavy racist influence.

Michael Benton said...

So true Harry--and the documentary spells out this process for everyone... what chills me to the freaking-bone is the judge and prosecutor who are more concerned that the system "always" wins than in the carrying out of "justice"--they are heartless dead souls.