Sunday, September 26, 2004

New York Times: Study Suspects Thousands of Wrongful Convictions

A report from the New York Times reproduced at the Truth in Justice website:

Study Suspects Thousands of Wrongful Convictions

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Deleted said...

The prosecutor's strawman argument, suggesting that anyone proposed letting 100,000 criminals go free, is representative of the attitude that is the core the problem. That, and the inability to consider how he might feel incarcerated unjustly, reminds me of your previous blogging on plea bargains. The "cost benefit analysis" arguments are entirely specious.

I would call Joshua Marquis immature but for the fact his attitude is more common in adults than children. The exponents of the "get over it, life is unfair" doctrine are always the biggest whiners when they come up against hardship.

I hope you don't think this is too flippant; in every argument where I've confronted "realists" with the possibility that their outlook was largely determined by cruel potty training, they've gone off the wall. One JD actually started making crank calls to my home phone.