Sunday, October 10, 2004

Ruthless Rules of Romance: Offensive On So Many Levels!

(courtesy of James Jewell who posted this at MediaSquatter)

"You are beautiful or you wouldn't be looking for a gig requiring beauty and talent.THE BEST job you can get is to Marry well. That is the job you want. That you should aim for. WORKING talent jobs degrades you. Learn how to make yourself a WOMAN a really fine man would want to marry, a free online seminar written by a mother of four at Luck in Love After you learn the RUTHLESS RULES OF ROMANCE, spread the word. Create living room groups for women. If you follow the guidelines, marrying a very wealthy man is Easy to do. Requires class, Glamour, manners, purity, and not dating disco hunks and not giving free samples, (well, little ones,) but NOT getting hung up on a man, (attention, seductive affection,) but keeping an eye on a goal. The goal might be parleying your looks, which are considerable, into marriage to one of the brightest men on the planet, who also has one of the great fortunes. Melissa Gates has the ability to do
philanthropy. Yuu might create a world assisting import biz. Read the way to doing all of this at the above website. And contacting me, the writer and chief professor of marriage and the dating that gets you there, Anita Sands, from ...Just google my name up to see articles on holism, economy, politics and love."

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