Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Democratic Underground: All Roads Lead to the Project For a New American Century

This is one of those very useful connections of the dots...

(Courtesy of Spontaneous Arising)

All Roads Lead to PNAC
by Luna C
Democratic Underground

With indictments due this week, those not familiar with PNAC might want to know how/why we came to this historic moment in time.

George W. Bush constantly reminds the nation about the threat of terrorism that began with 911 but he leaves out a few important details that you should know.........

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Ricia said...

This is the group represented on the document I dug up just after 911 (I mentionned it quite some time ago now). Along with Military and CIA members, it was a proposal put forth a year or two prior to the first Bush election and outlined the importance of the US taking advantage of an unprecidented and unchallenged global position. The doc clearly stated that there was no security threat to the US. Also suggested current 'theatre wars'.

The doc and it's makers plus unfolding circumstances indeed appear far too coincidental.

Thivai Abhor said...

Yes, definitely something here and I remember your earlier posting on this... Interesting avatar that you are using with your comments, its like the analytical eye ;)