Thursday, October 13, 2005

Michael Pokocky of Sophistica Threatens Thivai Abhor

This is a copy of an email I just received. It is a response to a comment I made after he invited me to visit his new weblog (removed from his site--it said, "this is new age mysticism, try to write something original"). Michael Pokocky has been spamming blogger emails with ridiculous claims. You can get a sense of his personality from these comments to a post here. This is the original email that invited me to visit Michael Pokocky's Sophistica:

please take off your critic hat and visit the

*it has just released version 1.05 of the manifesto.

* i believe your posted comment on annymoses was unjustified because you did not see the evolution of the manifest; all versions are there for you to puruse.

* fyi just launched Sophistica Linkedin Group and this is hard to do on such a site but its done. you'll see the linkedin logo on the site to join the club but attached is the logo that would appear on your profile if you join.

* fyi how can you critisize a painters painting when it's a work in progress? and still call yourself a critic. is that akin to not seeing a broadway play and writing a crtic on it for the nytimes?

* really i think there was a miscommunication here, because everybody else seems to get it including billionaire visionaries who have joined the sophistica group on linkedin.

have a nice day,best,_michael

This is the email after he gets enraged at my comment:

From Michael Pokocky of Sophistica:

"you know nothing my friend and you disgrace what it means to be human; i'm not a politician; i'm a fucking artist and this is my work you are criticing like it were an academic paper; i don't capitalize; i write disjointed sentences; however i am farther up the food chain by intellectual spirit of creativity than you'll ever be.

so with that said you call the truce and why not show that you have good intentions by taking the time to understand the work in progress instead of offing a comment; we don't like people who are extremists and if you are one get the hell out of our way;

i'm telling you now that you have a choice; choose wrong and i will report you and i'll have my lawyers go over everything you've ever written and we'll file charges against you. This is not a threat but a warning to cease and desist harassment; there's such a thing as free speach my friend but harassment so that your google rantings at he expense other people's sites will rise because they happen to be the
site of the day you choose to harass, and all we have to prove is a history of intent and that's it strike one for you.

i am a reasonable man so i go on record to tell you to retract what you said; if not and i see it again i will report you my friend. hope you have a good lawyer.


i warmly await your apology sir Thivia Abhor and let's talk and get to know each other; perhaps we'll find we'd turn out to be good friends.


weltatem said...

The first thing that springs to mind is the dangers of going off one's meds during a manic cycle.

Just so know know, this sort of thing is the a good part of the problem with the very notion of manifesto writing!

Aren't you glad you're not Sophistica Certified? Or Certifiable?

Not to be entirely mocking - there is a certain life force there that one can admire for what it is. Think of it as a script in a one-act, one-person play - it would be fascinating.

I like this part: "Please note that the manifesto is also a continual work in progress because its impossible to capture the magnitude of the concept because its evolutionary by its very nature or by its title to be more specific or simplistic." (This is funny also because of the word games we're playing over in my little sandbox today)

I really don't think you have much to be threatened about, Thivai.

lokigr said...

wow quite funny in a very incoherent way.

Michael Benton said...


Yes, I am certifiable, but luckily not Sophistica certified.

I'm not worried... just wanted to share his behind-the-scenes creativity.


Yes, very, very strange.

Deleted said...

Manifestos (manifesti?) should be honed privately, and cherished selfishly by reclusive writers. Public exchanges about them, and the aggressive defenses these exchanges often inspire, distract the philosopher from his art. I, myself, have a manifesto that has been gestating for over twenty years! I reckon it could use another twenty more. It's an excellent manifesto, but there's nothing like perfection to make a manifesto fulfill its destiny.

Frankly, there have been times when I doubt the world can ever be ready for it. I hope no one thinks less of me for keeping it to myself :-)

The Continental Op said...

What a nutcase (the Sophistica guy, not you Thivai)! He should change his last name to Poppycocky.

Anonymous said...

yikes... i don't know... call me a ninny but... i'd be a wee bit concerned Thivai.

Because, uh...


The fellow is a little, um...

Ya see, there is this whole thing about... balance... and temperment and, reasonability...

Just be sure that your friends aren't in the habit of passing out any personal information. Let us put it that way.

It's just that, I guess I feel concerned (on your behalf) reading it and after visiting the site...

Susannity said...

I'm not going to visit his site and give his ping meter or any other stat a hit from me.
If a person can't take criticism, they shouldn't be blogging or shouldn't have comment fields. And if they can't take criticism without threatening legal action, then they should look inward imho.

Michael Benton said...

He contacted me again and said he regreted going off the handle--then started in on the business thing again, telling me how rich and famous people are using his resources, and for me to provide the links to people that visit this site--ha!

Oh yeah, Harry, he said he liked your comment ;)

Unknown said...

Whaddup? I noticed an oblique reference to my treasured moniker, and was curious as to how and why I got involved in this animadversion. Any theories?

Michael Benton said...

Not really sure why Michael mentioned you, I'm assuming that something was posted at one of your sites, perhaps in reference to something of his? and I was venturing about the Internet, came across it, and is my nature, commented on it... but it must have been awhile ago?

Anonymous said...

If you're not sure about how to write your comment, or if it's pure criticism, you should read Scott Berkun's "How to give and receive criticism".


I for one acknowledge I did not receive Thivai Abhor's criticism well; however after reading,"How to give and receive criticism,"-and I have done extensive research and thinking before posting this-, I believe I was at fault respectfully.

What say you Thivai?


ps. I extend a hand publicly in good faith and with integrity and respect for everyone and everything associated with this whole matter and would like to reconcile our differences instead of doing what we've done here.

Michael Benton said...


What is it we have done here?

Anonymous said...

Hi Thivai,

Excuse me for the wrong phrase. It should have said,"What I have done here."

I acknowledge publicly, so that others might learn, like I did, to not react to a critic the way I did. Considering you are a well respected person, I should have written you and asked for clarification and perhaps I would be writing a better manifesto now, instead of causing all this trouble for you and for myself.

I take full responsibility and apologize to all, especially you Thivai.

Question: Will you accept my apology and then may I contact you to see what your advice would be to help me write a good manifesto?

I had written a manifest proposal, called Building The New Knwledge Web which was voted as the best proposal to write by people unkown to me, and consequently I have the right now to write this manifesto on

Here is the exact manifesto proposal that was listed on the site word for word for your information :

"What if you knew for certain that your idea to change some aspect of
the world we live in would work? What would your idea be? What if there was a place where you could post your idea without fear; without
criticism; without judgment? If I told you that together we can build a New Knowledge Web where these ideas can be posted along with your bio and links would you write something? We live in an age of economic, social, cultural, political and spiritual decay and that's because big business built businesses on top of the Internet Architecture without telling us that 1. the Net is not owned by anyone, 2. the Net is free, and 3. you can do anything you want. Don't you feel ripped-off? Well I find that big business always follows the money trail and unfortunately knowledge was replaced by porn and gambling and Horoscopes. Do you want
to be part of something big? How does ignorance find a logical mind? Get informed. This manifesto is the evolution of the next generation Internet."

I am still having a problem connecting the vision I have with the right words to express it.

I even have invited others to contribute an abstract to it so it becomes representative of several view points and these contributors would participate in the credits for writing the manifesto.

Why did I invite others? Because the topic is too broad for me to handle alone; I set the origial theme; now the manifest must present as many independent view points as possible in order to be effective in addressing the theme I presented.

I hope I have clarified everything and if I haven't please let me know.


ps. please accept my apology and I hope that others here will too. I need help. I did not believe for a moment the manifesto proposal would win. So now you know where all my anxiety comes from; and top that off with two deaths recently, my dad and my best friend.

Michael Benton said...


I'm kind of pressed for time at the moment but I will reply to you soon.

I accept your apology and I'm very sorry for your loss.

Anonymous said...

Hi Thivai,

Thank you for your message. I realized I had to do the right thing by you and me and that meant tracing back everything to me; I confirmed it and the best practice was to admit my mistake. I appreciate your last comment, Thivai and look forward to speaking with you. Do you have skype or yahoo chat? or vocie?


Anonymous said...

A Poem for you and your family

The Angel Swans

we rowed into forest thick
along a calm still stream
and i
young and innocent
gently played
and father listened
for that enchanted sound
he longed for when away

why are we here
i sensed the fantastic
and the magical
he could see it
in my eyes

i see you are excited
as i am too
but shoosh and listen
and you'll here them too

eventually a lake
filled with white swans
and i remarked
i heard them speaking to me

they tell me only children can hear
but you are kind
they want so much
for you to hear too
that's why they're glad
you brought me here
so i could help them to

they tell me you've been coming
for almost 30 years
and many a time they saw your tears

they tell me you can hear them
if only if only...
and he asked in wonderment
how can this be

they tell me
there is this seed
inside of all of us

and it dies as we age
leaving our youth behind
and memories are all we have

they tell me
the sun flower seeds you feed them
kept them coming back for years
and that you are kind

they know that if they could
with all their magical mystery
and powers of all that's blessed
get just one adult
just one adult to listen too

and it is you
they've been waiting for
to hear their voices
and the message they have
they've saved for you

they tell me if you can hear their voices
then they will be able to leave
and return to the place
they have tears for too

they long for home too
but guided by duty to their mission
they have stayed here for thirty years
waiting for you to bring me
they knew you would

oh father can't you hear them
they tell of beauty and love
they feel no sadness
for it would kill them
as it is killing you

what is it that hurts you father
just speak and then you'll be free
they say

my father spoke in riddles
long ago the memories began
and the tears came as usual
swans quiet
the stillness filled with fathers voice

and in that moment
the closest swan spoke to him
and he smiled

then eyes looking at me
i nodded in appreciation
of the joy i felt
on this enchanted day

i have always been able
to hear
the swans speak
and after that day
only a few remained
to comfort my father and me

we understood that enchanted day
and father lived his new life
and the swans continued speaking
with him

and there were always unspoken moments
between all of us
and i knew he and I had
just begun our journey's

today i sit in my fathers boat
his ashes scattered upon the water
and my daughter hears the voices
and says
they are speaking to me
do you hear them

yes yes i do my darling
and i have since i was a little girl
just like you
and you know what they told me
when i was a little girl
what she cried

they told me they were Angel Swans
and they had a message just for me
i believed them
and i was never lost to them

today i want you to listen
because they have a special message
carried from heaven
just for you_michael pokocky 2005