Sunday, October 02, 2005

Julia Lesage: Abu Ghraib and Images of Abuse and Torture

A large link-archive of reporting, archives, analysis, etc...:

Abu Ghraib and Images of Abuse and Torture

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Anonymous said...

You have heard, I'm sure, that our fearless preznit has threatened to VETO the bill that is in the senate to condemn torture and make sure that our troops act accordingly? As I am sure you know that this asshole has NEVER vetoed a bill at all. The next person who mentions what a compassionate and great man this is I am going to hurt. Badly. The only veto he wants to use is to ensure that american soldiers act according to internationally accepted norms and conventions. No wonder the international community looks down upon us with disgust and despair.

Sorry was at the Cards-Padres game today and am in a foul mood. The only Pads fan in the stadium...SIGH

Abby Normal