Saturday, September 30, 2006

Women Rising VII: International Changemakers in Politics

(Teachers should definitely listen to Barbara Lee describing how one class changed her life... now this is someone I would support for president. All three of these influential women describe critical people in their lives that inspired them to work for the greater good.)

Women Rising VII: International Changemakers in Politics

Women are gaining influence as leaders throughout the world, fighting for peace, justice, the environment and civil society. In this program we profile three courageous politicians, women who have chosen to create progressive change through government.


United States Congresswoman Barbara Lee, 9th Congressional District of California. Wu Qing, People's Deputy at the Beijing and District levels in China. Malalai Joya, among the first women elected to both the Loya Jirga and the WR7-2 new Parliament of Afghanistan.

Producer/Writer: Lynn Finnerman
Host: Sandina Robbins

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