Saturday, September 16, 2006

What is a Muckraker

What is a Muckraker?

Eric Schlosser: The Fine Art of Muckraking

Fast Food Nation and McDonaldization

Michelle Leder: How the Other Half Banks

Kembrew Mcleod: Freedom of Expression

Rebecca Solnit: The Silence of the Lambswool Cardigan

What is the Meaning of Radical Democracy?

Daniel Brook: How Sweden Tweaked the Washington Consensus

Eric Schlosser: A Writer’s Life

US Prison Boom

Audio Interview of Wendell Berry

Mark Engler: Six Essays on War and Peace

Why Wendell Berry Matters

Ron Powers: The Apocalypse of Adolescence

T.C. Boyle, Orion, Wendell Berry, Fear, Local Economy, James Howard Kunstler, Prozac, and A Friend of the Earth


Susannity said...

Fast Food Nation is one of my favorite books. I will have to check out the Reefer one as well! Had such a busy summer, I only read one book - Butler's Lillith's Brood trilogy. I normally read one book every week to two. I still haven't read Freakonomics which all my friends have recommended as well. I did BUY Collapse, but still haven't read it yet either. I feel my brain turning to slush lol.

Michael Benton said...


What did you think of the Xenogenesis trilogy?

Susannity said...

I really enjoyed it overall. I liked some of her more novel concepts. I think the part I loved the best was the theme of how humans are genetically predisposed to be hierarchical. There were a couple times when I felt the book dragged too deeply/longly into the mating aspects, but all in all, a very enjoyable read.