Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Podcast of the Bands that Played at the 3rd Annual Peace and Global Citizenship Festival

(This is a great series of bands and thanks to Ben Worth we can listen to them online! Below is his announcement...)

I am pleased to announce the first in a series of podcasts presenting music from the May 10, 2008 BCTC Peace Festival. The music was recorded on a beautiful Spring afternoon on the Cooper Campus of BCTC. You’ll be treated to a truly diverse group of musicians spanning many popular genres: folk, blues, bluegrass, rock and roll, and world music.

This music series is part of LexTunes, an ongoing podcast of local musicians. Episode three of LexTunes is the first to feature music from the Peace festival. The full festival will appear in subsequent episodes over the course of the summer.

You can listen to the music online or subscribe to the podcast in iTunes or as an RSS feed in your web browser. Here are the links:

Listen online

Subscribe in iTunes

Subscribe as RSS

Lastly, my thanks to all the musicians and organizers who helped make the Peace Festival such a success. A great time was had by all,

Ben Worth

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