Thursday, May 01, 2008

Wikileaks: Wikileaks and Internet Censorship

Wikileaks and Internet Censorship - a comparative study
JONATHAN WERVE (Director of Operations, Global Integrity)
Wikileaks Reposted from The Global Integrity Commons

The court order that [temporarily] muzzled was prompted not by the government but by a bank registered in the Cayman Islands. The bank used American courts and a compliant domain registrar to scrub the URL from the Internet. It is extremely unlikely that this decision will stand up in an appeals court, but the larger point is that there is no reason this case should even be fought. Wikileaks should not need a legal team to explain to the courts that the First Amendment requires freedom of speech.

The whole event seems to encapsulate the constant criticism of governance in the United States: that the government has been captured by corporate interests, and that the world-leading rule of law and technocratic mechanisms in place can be hijacked to serve as tools for narrow, wealthy interests.

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Susannity said...

Wow I had not even heard of wikileaks. Now I have and I think the comment at the end of the link saying that this attack on wikileaks will actually heighten its visibility is true.
First impressions - fantastic concept. How anonymous is it? If it is anonymous, how does libel come into play?
I have to go read the scientology links heh.

Michael Benton said...

I'm not sure since I don't run it... I'm sure they have comment sections where you could ask them