Friday, January 09, 2009

Left Field Cinema: Films of 2008

These are films that were released in UK in 2008 and it is one of the more interesting lists I have seen so far, especially the top 20 films:

Special: Films of 2008

If you would prefer to listen to a summary of the top ten films (highly recommended as it will provide a good list of films to watch and/or look forward to seeing):

Special: Top Ten Films of 2008, Pt 1

Special: Top Ten Films of 2008, Pt 2

I have been looking for a film podcast with a critical edge that focuses on world cinema and independent films. It took a long time, but it looks like Mike Dawson at Left Field Cinema is going to be a great resource/guide!


pumpki&mo said...

the site looks that way, indeed. and
there's plenty of room left for everyone to include :)

Michael Benton said...

Yeah, I'm going to introduce it to my International Film Studies studentssinceit seemstohave an extensive forum and see if they will get involved (and encourage them to explore the podcasts)