Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Restor(y)ing the Wor(l)d

Reading the Word means:
to decode/encode those words;
to bring ourselves to those pages;
to make meaning of those pages as they relate to our experiences, our possibilities; our cultures; and our knowledges.

Reading the World means:
to decode/encode the people around us;
to decode/encode the community that surrounds us;
to decode/encode the visible and invisible messages of the world.

Literacy education is ultimately about the kind of society and the kind of citizens/subjects that could and should be constructed. Teaching and learning just isn't a matter of skill acquisition or knowledge transmission or natural growth. It's about building identities and cultures, communities and institutions.

-Allan Luke and Peter Freebody, 1999


rosalie said...

concerning the first lines: pretty well written/said- so true..

concerning the lines about the world: ..and in doing so we just can draw on nearly unlimited resources if we live consciously- an/our unexhaustible source!

love your blog, too- glad you've left something on mine so i could find yours ;)

Thivai Abhor said...

Thanks Rosalie,

I came to your site through my film website that you are linked to (Bluegrass Film Society)... I liked your posts (especially that you like Kieslowski) ... I look forward to reading more :)