Saturday, March 06, 2010

The Nation: Slide Show -- Students Protest Education Cuts

Slide Show: Students Protest Education Cuts
The Nation

With the economy struggling to recover, funding for public higher education has taken an inevitable hit. To close billion-dollar gaps in statewide funding, governors have asked their university systems to cut their budgets, causing ripple effects detrimental to students' lives. All options are on the table--tuition hikes, furloughs, job cuts, eliminating majors, eliminating student programs--and all options mean less money for education and less investment in students. In the slideshow that follows, The Nation offers a window into some of the states making those calls--and the student response. In Washington state, students are seeing double-digit tuition increases. In Nevada, students are petitioning the legislature to prevent financial exigency. In Minnesota, students are seeing their protests make actual change. Around the country, be it a protest or a walk out, the argument is the same: Think twice before depriving us, and your state, of our futures.

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