Sunday, November 15, 2009

Dana Berliner and Michael Cristofaro: Eminent Domain Outrage in Connecticut -- Pharmaceutical Giant Pfizer to Leave New London

Original Dialogic post on this four years ago: Eminent Domain in Action, Pt 5

Eminent Domain Outrage in Connecticut: Pharmaceutical Giant Pfizer to Leave New London, Site of Major Housing Battle
Democracy Now

Homeowners in New London, Connecticut took on the city’s leaders after they announced plans to condemn all of the homes in one neighborhood to make way for a private development project for pharmaceutical giant Pfizer. The city said it would bring in thousands of jobs. After a 2005 Supreme Court ruling against the homeowners, the entire neighborhood was bulldozed. This week Pfizer announced it is shutting down its research center.


Dana Berliner, senior attorney at the Institute for Justice. She represented the homeowners in Kelo v. New London, in which the US Supreme Court ruled that cities could condemn property because other uses may produce an increase in tax dollars and jobs.

Michael Cristofaro, resident of New London, Connecticut, who lost his home in 2006 to eminent domain.

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Unknown said...

My reaction after watching the Democracynow piece was one of pure outrage! Pfizer and the government of New London should be ashamed of itself. I urge everyone to boycott both this municipality and Pfizer.