Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Goth Music: The Early Years

[Thanks to Ravenlovecraft for posting my query on The Dark Realm discussion board. I appreciate all of the comments and will use the thread as an example for the class of how people understand/discuss/form their understanding of subcultures like Goth. I hope the thread continues...]

OK--students in my cultural studies course had a bit of a crisis because half of their presentation group dropped out. They are doing a presentation on the Goth subculture and the two members that dropped out were covering the music. So I offered to help out with an introduction to the roots of the Goth sound (as a non-expert)... here is what I came up with, anyone want to suggest additions?

1970s: The Early Influences

Siouxsie and the Banshees:
Formed in 1976, early British punk contemporary of the Sex Pistols and The Clash. Very influential on the later Goth subculture, especially Siouxsie’s sense of style.

Nicotine Stain

Joy Division:
Formed in 1976 in post-industrial, working-class Manchester. Their music had a deep somber aspect, yet was powerful and driving. Broke up in 1978 when the lead singer Ian Curtis committed suicide prior to their first major tour of the USA.

Dead Souls (later covered by Nine Inch Nails and used in the 1994 film The Crow)

trailer for the 2008 British film Control

Formed in 1978, and after only six months together as a band they recorded six songs including:

Bela Lugosi’s Dead (Studio)

Dark Entries (Live)

The Cure:
First formed as the Art School band Obelisk in 1973, it became The Cure with Robert Smith as the lead singer in 1978.

The Lullaby

Sisters of Mercy:
Formed in Leeds in 1980.


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ravenlovecraft said...

There's a thread about this at a goth forum I'm a moderator at.

You may want to look at it.Some of the suggestions were intresting.

Good luck with the presentation!