Monday, November 09, 2009

Preaching turns violent on Keathley University Center Knoll

Nothing like people trying to convert you to the love of jesus by calling you vile names... I guess it is alright for the preacher to grab her breast, but not for her to push him away...

Student arrested for assault on Knoll: Preaching turns violent on KUC Knoll

(Courtesy of Lyle)

I'm always puzzled by "Jesus hates...(whatever)".

Jesus hates you
this I know
for the bible tells me so
he will send you
straight to hell
with jews and fags
and liberals
(sing along now)
Yes jesus hates you
yes jesus hates you
yes jesus hates you,
the bible tells me so.

Patrick Bigger provides this report on earlier confrontations involving Smock (the preacher):

Arizona Daily Wildcat: Evangelist, Students Debate

Most illuminating is Smock's racist/misogynistic/homophobic viewpoints and his description of his conversion ;)

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