Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Poetics of Relations (Notes)

Poetics {pedagogy/politics} of Relations (Community, Place, and Identity)

(Place, Community, Identity, Image, Memory, Archive, Being, Knowing, Communicating)

Ultimate aim is to write towards the personal truth of being—becoming placed and relating, yet aware of shifts and openness.

Mass-Mediated Reality
Group(s) Identification
Environment/Atmosphere (influence)
Social Connections (Networking)
Cultural Capital
Class Status
Familial Bonds
Perceived Personal Portfolio (Perception of Others)

Social Frames/Metaphors
Discursive Formations
Cultural Memory
Ritualistic Patterns
Organizational Narratives
Mythic Identification
Environmental Relations
Institutional Paradigms
Ideological Worldviews
Hegemonic Structure
Rhetorical Fantasies

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