Thursday, November 19, 2009

Social Movements, Street Protests and Engaged Activism: Additional Resources

Building an educational/informational/inspirational online archive of alternative/independent/non-profit sources for the audience for our presentation on Monday--suggestions/comment are appreciated. Of course this list will reflect our perspectives and interests.


Adbusters: The Journal of the Mental Environment

Advocacy 2.0 Guide: Tools for Digital Advocacy

AK Press

American Dissidents (Bill Moyers Journal)

Anti-Capital Projects


Bill Moyers Journal (PBS)

Blog for a Cause!: The Global Voices Guide of Blog Advocacy

Brave New Films

Brian Martin

Class Warfare

Common Dreams

Continental Drift


Creative Commons

Crimethinc.: Ex-Workers Collective


Democracy Now

Documentary is Never Neutral

Doug Henwood (Left Business Observer)

Electronic Frontier Foundation: Defending Freedom in the Digital World

FAIR: Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting

The Fourth World War (USA: Rick Rowley, 2003)

Framing Reality: Language, Rhetoric, Images, Concepts

Framing Science

Free Documentaries

Frontline (PBS: Documentary Archive 1983 - 2009)

Future of Music Coalition: Education, Research, and Advocacy for Musicians

Glenn Greenwald

Global Activism (Worldview)

Global Voices Advocacy

Global Voices Online

History Is a Weapon

Howard Zinn

The Hub: See it. Film it. Change it.

Human Rights Watch

Indy Media

Infoshop: Unthinking Respect for Authority Is the Greatest Enemy of Truth

The Institute for Anarchist Studies: Promoting Critical Scholarship, Exploring Social Domination and Reconstructive Visions of a Free Society

Interactivist Info Exchange

Inter Press Service (IPS)

Kentuckians for the Commonwealth (KFTC)

Kritik: Theory, Culture, Politics (University of Illinois)

Left Business Observer


Media Education Foundation: Documentary Films/Challenging Media

Media Matters with Bob McChesney

Monthly Review Press

Naomi Klein

New Left Review

Noam Chomsky

No Logo: Brands, Globalization and Resistance (USA: Sut Jhally, 2003: based on Naomi Klein's book)

North of Center (Downtown Lexington's Independent Newspaper: articles posted online)

On the Media (WNYC)

Open Culture

Pittsburgh Indy Media: G20 Reports

The Politics of Culture (KCRW)

PR Watch (Center for Media and Democracy)

Rising Voices: Helping the Global Population Join the Global Conversation

Scarlateen: Sex Ed For the Real World

Seeing Red Radio

Socialist Worker

SourceWatch: Your Guide to the Names Behind the News (Center for Media and Democracy)

This Is What Democracy Looks Like (USA: Jill Friedberg and Rick Rowley, 2000)

TruthDig: Drilling Beneath the Headlines

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (The United Nations)

Witness: Using Video and Online Technologies to Open the Eyes of the World to Human Rights Violations

The Wobblies (Stewart Bird and Deborah Shaffer, 1979)

Worldview (WBEZ)

Zinn, Howard. A People's History of the United States.

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