Tuesday, November 24, 2009

NBC Refuses To Air PETA's Thanksgiving Ad

[NBC asked PETA to make an ad for thanksgiving. The first one was rejected with the request that they make the ad more informative about "factory farming and turkey slaughter" (remember this is a 30 second ad?) and they submitted this brilliant ad (which NBC rejected--of course)

Courtesy of Sling Blog: NBC Refuses To Air PETA's Thanksgiving Ad]


Anonymous said...

Why in the world would NBC ask PETA for such a thing in the first place? It was like asking for a rejection.

Michael said...

I'm sure they have some requirement to allow certain minimal amount of ad air space to non-profits and the wanted PETA to do a 30 second info spot that could easily be ignored--the media savvy folks at PETA saw through it and made this brilliant piece and NBC showed themselves for the hypocritical shits they are...

My guess ;)