Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Barbara Fraser and Paul Jeffrey: Latin America Today

Barbara Fraser and Paul Jeffrey, working for the independent news service National Catholic Reporter, have produced a ten part report on Latin America Today.

May 14 Part 1 Introduction: Power or credibility?
June 4 Part 2 Economics: Little relief in sight for poverty, debt and unemployment July 16 Part 3 Development: Lasting change by helping the poor without paternalism
Aug. 13 Part 4 Immigration: Opportunity and challenge for Latin America's poor
Sept. 10 Part 5a Truth: an essential ingredient for reconciliation; Part 5b Reconciliation from the grass roots up
Sept. 24 Part 6a Indigenous people: Fighting for rights after centuries of discrimination; Part 6b Health worker brings education back to his people; Part 6c Vanishing forests threaten indigenous groups
Oct. 8 Part 7 Women In Latin America: The gender gap kills
Oct. 29 Part 8 Children: Poverty cuts children’s chances for a future; interview with the Bishop of the Gangs
Nov. 12 Part 9a Church: Base communities, once hope of church, now in disarray; Part 9b Less threatening lay movements favored by church leaders; Part 9c Priests in region grow more conservative
Nov.26 Part 10a Looking ahead: Church groups seek new models of solidarity; Part 10b
The Bishop of the Gangs: An interview with Rómulo Emiliani; Part 10c 'We can't just remain passive,' says Honduran cardinal

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