Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Ohio Election Fraud Weblog

Ray Beckerman's description of his site:

As a result of my life as a lawyer, my strong belief in the rule of law as the bedrock of democracy, and my experience as a voter protection hotline volunteer in Ohio from October 30th through November 2nd, I have devoted my blog to covering and assisting grassroots activism seeking to (a) set aside the fraudulent results of the 2004 Ohio "election" and (b) investigate and prosecute the crimes committed in that "election" against the citizens of Ohio, the American people, and our American way of life. The evidence is overwhelming that the election in Ohio was stolen. If we permit a second presidential election to be stolen, the rule of law, and with it democracy, are gravely imperilled in this country. If you have (a) organizing activity which you would like to submit for possible publication, or (b) significant information or offers of concrete assistance that would be of interest to activists, please submit by email -- with "OEF" as the subject -- to

Ohio Election Fraud (formerly Fairness)

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