Sunday, December 19, 2004

My Business Writing Course

I've been assigned to teacha business writing course and I'm thinking about it...

Since the 203 course begins and ends with units on ethics I'm thinking of screening a movie each of the 4 units centered around ethical issues in business (to develop a groundswell toward that last section)

We will read Ruth Ozeki's My Year of Meats novel (the last unit has to be centered around a novel that the whole class will read) which covers businnes ethics, globalization processes, media influence, agricultural/environmental issues, food politics and gender issues.

So possible moveis I was thinking about:

Bamboozled: Representational politics
Office Space: humorous looks at office politics
Corporation: (a new documentary--I'm hunting for it)
Matewan: (labor/class/gender/place)
Fight Club: business ethics and terror politics (alienation, fragmentation and
rage)... especially as it is played out in the homosocial world of "tough guise"
(Jackson Katz) posturing and need for control/dominance--especially how
resistance can begin to reproduce the dominant's "terror" (I define terror as
the need to control at any cost) techniques and spiral into the same destructive

Just random ideas--any movies cross your mind as possibilities?

I was thinking of starting off the semester telling my students I am a conservative ... when they finally start questioning it I would etymologically
deconstruct the word "radical" (rad=roots; radical looks back to an earlier time
to restore an original political context, in this case an earlier conception of
democracy--this, of course, is a conservative move) and discuss how being
progressive is conservative in the sense that we seek to build a better world
for our families, our people, and our communities (we, of course, include the rights
of everyone), and introudce them to Wendell Berry, and explain how George Bush
fits into the neo-liberal model (complete with critiques from leading
conservatives) and is essentially a destructive liberal...

Just a fantasy--ha!

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