Thursday, December 02, 2004

Dubya the Movie!

(courtesy of Goose of Comments From Left Field)

Who would play Dubya when they make a movie about him? There is an ultimate actor who would be perfect for the role--can you guess who it would be? This is a must see portrayal of the man, the legend: DUBYA!

Dubya the Movie


Deleted said...

Knotts is a good choice, but I think this role calls for an actor who can really capture the essence of pompous and ridiculous, Danny Kaye. Casting Knotts in the role is tempting -- who can foget Barney Fife? -- but a great ham like Kaye would be stellar.

Michael Benton said...

No doubt Danny Kaye is the more skilled thespian/comedian, but it is the bumbling bravado of Knotts at his best which would personify our leader (Think Mr Limpet and Ghost and Mr. Chicken).... did you see the bar scenes? Yes indeed, the problem with Kaye would be he recognizes what he does is foolish and that he inends it to be so (we as the audience are in on the joke with Danny--recoginizing his sophistication and talent)... The mastery of Knotts is that we see no glimmer of intelligence (not a commentary on the actual man who is no doubt a different entity from the celebrity) or recognition of his ridiculous nature--also Knotts is very over-the-top single-minded in many roles--give him a little power and he can quickly become dangerous. Danny always seems ready to give a helping hand...