Tuesday, December 07, 2004

New documents point to Union Carbide culpability on Bhopal

New documents point to Union Carbide culpability on Bhopal

Since the Bhopal disaster in 1984, Union Carbide Corp. (UCC), owner
of the leaking chemical plant, has denied responsibility, saying that
its Indian subsidiary (Union Carbide India Limited, or UCIL) was
solely responsible for the plant's design and management. But newly
uncovered documents cast doubt on that claim, indicating that UCC
provided substantial help in procuring safety equipment and other
parts and providing technical consultation on the plant, and also
engaged in cost-cutting at its Indian subsidiary. In light of what
followed, the final line of one document is chilling: "Union
Carbide's know-how, technical support, and majority ownership of UCIL
provide assurance of technical competence." Meanwhile, last week an
enterprising activist embarrassed Dow Chemical, which now owns UCC,
by posing as a representative of the company on BBC TV news and
pledging $12 billion to help the suffering survivors in Bhopal. Dow
was then forced to do damage control and explain that it had no
intention of giving a single penny to the victims.

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