Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Laura Dunn: Subtext of a Yale Education

Yale University is the largest land-holder in New Haven, CT, yet pays no taxes on their property because supposedly it is a non-profit organization—end result New Haven is the fourth poorest large city in the U.S. Yearly, Yale reaps billions of dollars in contributions from alumni (how many give money to improving New Haven?) and grants from corporations/government (not just the U.S.)/military. 11% of Congress are graduates of Yale. Our current president and his vanquished opponent were both graduates of Yale.

Also, it is the largest employer in the city of New Haven as it has become the main industry. In recognition? of its proclaimed public role this multi-billion university (business) set about in the mid-90s to break the service unions in order to open up the food services on campus to private corporate food chains, and subcontract to out of state, non-unionized workers, at half the wages (thus even these opportunities for much lower wages will leave New Haven). Dual result, huge increase in already high unemployment in New Haven and further destruction of the urban structure/soul.

Yale is not alone... its just the fattest cat (and we are the chump parakeets)

The movie that inspired this diatribe and more links:

Subtext of a Yale Education. Directed by Laura Dunn. Austin, TX: Citizen Films, 1998.

'Subtext' airs Yale hypocrisy

The Subtext of a Young Filmaker's Education

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