Monday, September 05, 2005

The Valve

The Valve: A Literary Organ

The Valve is a literary weblog dedicated to the proposition that the function of the little magazine can follow this form. We mean to foster debate and circulation of ideas in literary studies and contiguous academic areas. Since a narrow academic focus would be unlikely to serve this primary project, our focus is not narrowly academic, nor purely literary. Authors are free to wander so long as they do not make positive nuisances of themselves with respect to our general aims.

Authors' ideas, faiths, hypotheses, stubbornnesses against assaults of reason and evidence, points of literary honor, interests, temperaments, obsessions, political affiliations, high-bouncing utopian ideals, limpet-like reactionary attachments, elective affinities, stylistic crotchets, journalistic forays and hobbyhorses are their own, not their fellow authors', nor the ALSC's.

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