Wednesday, September 28, 2005

While Crooks Like Tom Delay Run Riot In Our Government... this is what our government considers to be a threat to our society?

(Courtesy of Andy Johnson and Melissa Purdue)

Did anyone notice that WLEX refused to air last night's The Office, allegedly due to the episode's content (I didn't see it--obviously--but it was supposed to be about sexual harassment)? Instead, the channel showed some entertainment show (I didn't watch it). I realize this is a minor thing regarding one episode, but it suggests that the station is so afraid of the FCC that the programmers would prefer to censor their schedule to avoid the possibility of offending someone who might stumble across a particular episode.

If you censorship as much as I do, you might want to write to WLEX to complain about their actions. Their email address is The phone number is 259-1818. You might consider complaining to NBC as well, since they probably would prefer that WLEX air its shows and not censor them on a whim.

Ultimately, it is the FCC that is to blame for a climate so conservative that creators of cartoons like Family Guy are blurring cartoon nudity that aired without incident years ago. You can contact the FCC here: or find out more contact information here: FCC: Contacts

Thanks for your time, attention, and any action you're willing to do to end censorship!


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