Sunday, October 15, 2006

Glossary of Terms for The United States of Amnesia

A work in progress--for me, my students, and anyone else that is interested in refining/extending our communicative tools. The need for this is obvious, we are forgetting who we are, how we learn, our history, our related nature, the construction of truths, the myth of objectivity and the effects of our words/images/actions. I feel past imperfect, so I'm searching for handholds to help me rise out of the depths of ignorance. Some may see this as a pontless exercise, or ridiculous in its scope (can we truly wake this slumbering democracy through words/ideas?), but comrades of the impossible/unimaginable may understand why we should ask why, or seek what is what. Feel free to leave suggestions... I'll add terms as I come across them, or as they are submitted, and make this a link on the right side of the blog:

Communication (Rob Pope)

Presentism: "unthinkingly reading current practices back into the past" (McConachie, Bruce. "Historicizing the Relations of Theatrical Production." Critical Theory and Performance 1992: 169)

Whalanol: "brazenly false information, i.e., bullshit, given undue credibility by a media (esp. Internet) presence." Source Camels Back and Forth

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