Saturday, October 28, 2006

Noel Murray, Nathan Rabin, Scott Tobias: What Monster Could Have Done This?

What Monsters Could Have Done This: Horror Films for Left-Wingers/Horror Films for Right Wingers
By Noel Murray, Nathan Rabin, Scott Tobias
The A.V. Club

Maybe it isn't an accident that Halloween and national U.S. elections fall in such close proximity. Fear is a powerful driving force for both. It certainly isn't an accident that politics tend to leak into horror films, which often mine the political zeitgeist to learn what kind of scares are selling at any given moment. In fact, horror films are usually a better gauge of what's making the country anxious than opinion polls are. As with politicians, there are horror films for virtually every political stripe, as we explore in this guide to how to combine two types of fear this Electioneen (or is that Hallowelection?) season.

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Susannity said...

Really enjoyed that link. =) I just watched the Exorcism of Emily Rose the other night and was thinking of the 'fight' between science and religion.
That Homecoming movie I have not seen, but I think that I would have a hard time not thinking it was too politically corny horror?