Thursday, October 12, 2006

What Is Your Favorite Cult Horror Film?

(I'm thinking of a good horror film to show my film students for Halloween. So I figured I would initiate a question of what is your favorite cult classic horror film--not the typical films listed in top tens, but the one you break out for friends because you know they haven't seen it.)

The Addiction (Directed by Abel Ferrara: 1995)

Shot in black-and-white by the director of King of New York. The very talented Lili Taylor plays the main character, Annabella Sciorra is deliciously evil and Christopher Walken in a role made for his off-kilter screen persona. The inner city environment of New York University provides a gloom to the story. It is a unique story that examines the addiction/evil of vampirism as mirrored in the horrors/ideologies/philosophies of the 20th Century. Has the best ever dissertation defense and academic party--all grad students (and former grad students) should definitely watch it for this scene alone. Sadly only available on video--deserves an American release on DVD.

For those in Lexington, it is available at Hancock Videos on Euclid.


Kamran and Tori said...

Definitely Martin by George Romero

Anonymous said...

If you are looking for a good cult horror film to watch, may be you should look at some of the Hammer House of Horrors stuff, with either Peter Cushing or Christopher Lee in them. If not then you could always turn to the master of horror himself, Stephen King and go for something like Pet Cemetery or Christine.