Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Teachers Who Matter to Me

In 15 or so years I've spent in academia I have met a lot of competent teachers who inform students of the facts, or how to read books, or how to answer problems. These teachers are needed because they help prepare us to do the necessary work of life.

While I appreciate the dedication and craftsmanship of these instructors there are a few, rare examples of another type of teacher. These teachers do not "just" prepare us to become a cog in the machine, they also teach us to "imagine" new possibilities for living in this world. They do not "just" provide us answers, but more importantly teach us how to ask "questions?" They do not tell their students what it all means, instead they open up their classrooms so that students can create their own meanings (and they move the class beyond the limiting boundaries of the classroom).

We should celebrate these teachers (through all walks of life) and recognize the impact that they have on our lives.

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