Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What Makes Me Happy

(a simple exercise that should be repeated often)

1. What I contribute to my communities
2. My love (you know who you are :)
3. My job--hell, it consumes so much time, it better be worth it.
4. Respect of my family--multilayered, biological and communal, they all are important and their opinions mean a lot to me.
5. Friends that are honest, playful, and creative
6. Reading a book, or watching a film, or listening to music (that hits my body/soul like a tuning fork, but, instead of tuning me, it shifts my consciousness)
7. Guerilla Gardening (nod to Marchman and Mayer)
8. A message/letter from someone I miss (I know I'm difficult to get a hold of, but it makes my day and I think about when I can find the time to return the favor)
9. My very crazy cats (Marcus and Cleopatra) that keep me from settling down when I get home.
10. Any opportunity to hike...
11. Good food either shared communally or made by loving restaurants like Sahara/Enza's/Stella's/Al's/Alfalfa's
12. Live performances (even moreso when I helped bring it about)
13. Travel
14. Belgian Beer and funky microbrewed ones
15. Cooperative/independent ventures of all types
16. Critical/Geopolitical Theory/History
17. Thunderstorms and Beaches and rushing rivers and fountains (I like water making noises!)
18. Guilty pleasure--I like to drive, even though I try to walk as much as possible...
19. Science Fiction (especially when it has the sensibility of #16)
20. Browsing bookstores and hanging out in coffeehouses.


Anonymous said...

That's a pretty great list. I think I might try my hand in guerilla gardening soon.

Michael Benton said...

Hi Oso,

I will be in San Diego on July 12th if you want to do a garden I would be delighted to help you set one up... although you might want to get it up earlier!

Michael Benton said...

Oh yeah, send me pictures if you do one and feel free to contact me if you have questions about the process.