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Global Voices (Archive)

(A major project for those seeking to cure the United States of Amnesia is bringing to the American patients the knowledge/perspectives/analysis/events of people from around the world.)


America Abroad Media: Critical International Issues of Our Time

American Constituion Society for Law and Policy: International Law and the Constitution

Amnesty International: Working to Protect Human Rights

BBC World Service: Documentaries

BBC World Service: Global News

Bill Moyers Journal

Center for International Policy

Criticine (Southeast Asian Cinema)

Der Spiegel International (Germany)

The Epoch Times

EurasiaNet (Central Asia news reports)

European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR)

European Graduate School

Exiled: Banned in Russia

Facing History and Ourselves: Helping Communities and Classrooms Worldwide Link the Past to Moral Choices Today

Fora TV: Africa

Fora TV: China and the Pacific Rim

Fora TV: Europe

Fora TV: Globalization

Fora TV: India and South Asia

Fora TV: Latin America

Fora TV: Peace and Conflict

Fora TV: The Muslim World

Fora TV: The World is Thinking

Friends of the Congo

From Our Own Correspondent: Personal Reflections of BBC Reporters Around the World (BBC News)

Global Media Journal

The Global Media Project at The Watson Institute for International Studies

Global Voices


The Guardian Weekly: Global Network

Hearsay Culture (Center for Internet and Society)

Iranian Blogs

Landscapes of Global Capital: Representing Time, Space, & Globalization in Corporate Advertising

Latin Radical

Lenin's Tomb (Irish Blogger)

Living on Earth: Sound Journalism for the Whole Planet

NPR: Foreign Dispatch

Open Democracy: Free Thinking for the World

Open Source (Brown University: Watson Institute for International Studies)

Plan Columbia and Beyond

Radio Three Sixty: Music for Strange Moments

re.press: Independent and Open Publishing (Australia)

Rising Voices: Helping the Global Population Join the Global Conversation

Senses of Cinema: an online journal devoted to the serious and eclectic discussion of cinema

Smithsonian Folkways Recordings

Speaking of Faith (American Public Media)

Tapestry of the Times (WPYR: Baltimore and Smithsonian Folkway Recordings)

Tariq Ali (Pakistan/UK)

Thinking Allowed (BBC)

To the Best of Our Knowledge (Wisconsin Public Radio)

To the Point (KCRW)

UChannel: Access to a World of Ideas

Weekly Signals (KUCI: University of California-Irvine)

World Hum: Travel Dispatches From a Shrinking Planet

World Socialist Web Site

Worldview (WBEZ: Chicago Public Radio)

Xu Xanov (Farsi)


Nathan Cunningham: Sex, Drugs, and Identity Crisis: a response to Performance (United Kingdom)

Jeremy LeGrand: Lines of Knowledge - A Response to A Bittersweet Life/Dalkomhan insaeng (South Korea: Ji-woon Kim, 2005)

Lance Hood: The Reign of the Chihuahua--A Response to Performance (1970: United Kingdom)

Der Spiegel International: The Riots in Greece and Solidarity Protests Across Europe (Reports/Photos)

Manuel De Landa: On Gilles Deleuze's Philosophy (Spain/France)

Film School: Director Phillip Noyce on Catch a Fire (Australia/South Africa)

Film School: ABIGAIL DISNEY the producer of PRAY THE DEVIL BACK TO HELL (Liberia)

Cecilia Boateng: Response to Battle of Algiers

Fora TV: Journalist Naomi Klein speaks with economists Joseph Stiglitz and Hernando de Soto in a conversation moderated by David Harvey (Canada/Peru/United Kingdom)

Creative Screenwriting: Co-Writer Timothy J. Sexton on Children of Men (Mexico/United Kingdom/Japan)

Barack Obama Considering Eric Holder for Attorney General: Why We Should Be Concerned About His Role Defending Chiquita Brands in Columbia?

Photojournalist Gustavo Vilchis: Oaxaca--Remembering the 2006 Uprising

Heda Kovaly: Under a Cruel Star (Review by E.J. Graff) [Czechoslavakia]

Sylvère Lotringer on Paulo Virno's A Grammar of the Multitude (Italy)

Chi-Yun Shin: Art of branding--Tartan "Asia Extreme" films

Film Couch #93: Kiss of the Spider Woman (Brazil/USA)

Film School: Tomas Alfredson on LET THE RIGHT ONE IN (Sweden)

BBC World Service Documentaries: Failure or Fraud?

Ignoring Evidence, Mexican Authorities Charge Activists with 2006 Murder of Independent Journalist Brad Will

Alma Guillermoprieto: How To Be a Mexican

Michel Foucault: "So is it Important to Think?" (France)

Tapestry of the Times #6: The New Lost City Ramblers; Hazel Dickens & Alice Gerrard; French Carpenter; Texas Gladden; Bill Monroe; Josh White; Malinky

Tapestry of the Times #5: Red Allen/Frank Wakefield; Snooks Eaglin; Berzilla Wallin; Peggy Seeger; Mary Stachelrodt; Mary Pinckney; et al

Radio Three Sixty #42: Shanghai Restoration; Amplive; Cheb I Sabbah; L-A-L; Madrid De Los Austrias; Sr Mandrill

Laura Poitras' My Country, My Country (Iraq)

Democracy Now: European, Asian Markets Plunge as Recession Fears Spread Worldwide

Speaking of Faith: Living Vodou (Haiti)

Ethics and the Will of God: The Legacy of Dietrich Bonhoeffer (Germany)

To the Best of Our Knowledge: Sherman Alexie; Alice Walker; V.S. Naipaul; Orhan Pamuk; Amy Tan; Toni Morrison

Studio 360: Errol Morris' Standard Operating Procedure; Depicting Abu Ghraib (Iraq)

Jane Mayer: The Dark Side/Extraordinary Rendition/Outsourcing Torture; Canadian Citizen Imprisoned By U.S. Speaks Out

Bolivia in confrontation - Lara Pullin on attempted September coup

Shashi Tharoor: Restoring America's Image in the World

Film School: Makoto Sasa on FIRE UNDER THE SNOW (Tibet)

Kate Clark: The Afghan Arms Bazaar

Frida Berrigan: Military Industrial Complex 2.0; Craig Kielburger, Marc Kielburger and Chris Mallinos: Cheated into Working in a War Zone (Iraq/Kuwait/South Asia)

Speaking of Faith: Seane Corn on Yoga--Meditation in Action (Hindu origins)

Worldview: Catholic Priests' Strategy for Peacemaking; Global Activism--Making Rugs and Improving Lives in Pakistan

Worldview: Zimbabwe: Power-sharing Deal Reached?; Burmese Refugees Find Work in Meat-Processing Plants; Resettling Refugees in the U.S.

Weekly Signals: An interview with Karl E. Meyer the author of Kingmakers: The Invention of the Modern Middle East

Weekly Signals: An interview with Steven T. Wax author of Kafka Comes to America (Pakistan)

Paul Ginsborg: Democracy: participation to passivity - can things change?

UChannel: Marwan Muasher on The Arab Centre--The promise of moderation

Film Couch #28: Rolf de Heer on Ten Canoes (Australia)

America Abroad Media: Battleground Lebanon--Where Politics, Faith and Identity Collide

America Abroad Media: Power, Politics, and the Olympics

Philosophy Bites: Mary M. McCabe on Socratic Method

Tom Burgis: Addicted--William Burroughs and a world in heat

Pico Iyer: the “Transcendentalist” Dalai Lama

On the Media: No There There

KEXP Live Performances: Extra Golden (Kenya)

BBC News: Peru's first 'visionary' editor Doris Gibson

BBC News: Sign of the Times (Russia/West)

BBC News: Georgia exposes UN's weakness

BBC World Service Documentaries: Al-Qaeda's Internal Debate

Bill Moyers Journal: Philip P. Pan "Out of Mao's Shadow"

David Church: Alejandro Jodorowsky

Stephen L. Carter at the Aspen Ideas Festival: Behind the "Just War Theory"

Speaking of Faith: The Buddha in the World

Voices From the 2008 ACLU Conference: Jessica Yee

Irkaly Areshidze: Democracy and Autocracy in Eurasia--Georgia in Transition

To the Point: The Fighting is Over for the Moment (Russia/Georgia)

Sociologist Randall Collins on Violence

Thinking Allowed: Imagination and Suburbia (England)

To the Best of Our Knowledge: The New Abolitionists

Living On Earth: Ah, Wilderness; Endangered Again; Invasion of the Invasives; Wireless Science; Amazing Rare Things; Spider Conversations

America Abroad Media: The Global Politics of Climate Change

Open Source: 4 Part History of Cuba

John Pilger: Israel's torture of an award-winning young Palestinian journalist is part of a terrible pattern

In Our Time: Greek Myths

Mike Davis: Evil Paradise--An Artist's Vision of Dubai in the Future

BBC Radio Documentary: Pirates

Speaking of Faith: Einstein's God; Einstein's Ethics

Seamus Sweeney: The Maze (Ireland)

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