Saturday, September 20, 2008

Shashi Tharoor: Restoring America's Image in the World

(I'm moving toward the view that the most serious problem in American politics is our unwillingness to listen to other cultures viewpoints. Perhaps, most importantly, we need to begin to consider/respect how the rest of the world view us as a nation/culture. With this in mind I began listening to Tharoor's lecture and I was completely blown away. First, Tharoor is a great speaker who interweaves humor/stories into his political reflections. Second, he carefully approaches his American audience by noting his outsider viewpoint, but then sets up the importance of Americans needing to interact with multiple cultural perspectives. Third, his insights into our political landscape and our actions in the world and how they influence/shape our image are important for Americans to consider. I'm glad I heard this and it has me thinking about my own efforts to internationalize my curriculum/courses/research.)

Shashi Tharoor: Restoring America's Image in the World
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Shashi Tharoor discusses Restoring America's Image in the World: the Public Diplomacy Challenge as a part of American Foreign Policy: Leadership and Dialogue during the 2008 Chautauqua Institution morning lecture series.

Shashi Tharoor is chairman of the Dubai-based Afras Ventures and former under-secretary-general for communications and public information at the United Nations.

His UN career began in 1978, when he joined the staff of the United Nations high commissioner for refugees. He was also a senior adviser to the secretary-general. He has written hundreds of articles, op-eds, and book reviews in a wide range of publications. A contributing editor and occasional columnist for Newsweek International and a columnist for the Hindu and the Times of India, he is the author of nine books, including India: From Midnight to the Millennium, Nehru: The Invention of India, Bookless in Baghdad, The Great Indian Novel, Riot, and Show Business.

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