Tuesday, September 23, 2008

All Songs Considered: Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins; Hem; Mozart; Explosions in the Sky; Roger McGuinn; Paul Motian; Colin Meloy; Mozart

(Jenny Lewis' first solo album is one of my all-time favorites because of its wickedly-brilliant lyrics and beautiful vocals. I just heard that she is coming out with a new one on the 23rd called Acid Tongue.)

Hem, Mozart, Explosions in the Sky
All Songs Considered (NPR)
Host: Bob Bollen

Rilo Kiley singer Jenny Lewis; Gorgeous odds and ends from Hem; Former Byrds singer Roger McGuinn; Remembering the remarkable Mozart; Instrumental rock by Explosions in the Sky; Masterful jazz drummer Paul Motian; The Decemberists frontman Colin Meloy.

Explosions in the Sky

To Listen to the Music


Kevin said...

I saw the performance, last year on Directv, Channel 101. I would really like to find a copy of that video, as well as direction to other videos. I have a few CD's of Jenny Lewis & the Watson Twins and hope to see another one in my stocking next month.
Thanks. If anyone can help with the requested information, I would appreciate your reply.

Michael Benton said...

Kevin, not videos, but recordings, if you go to NPR Live (google it) and do a search there should be various shows of her online (including with Rilo Kiley) and don't forget to check her out in the ol' classic film Foxfire