Tuesday, September 09, 2008

To the Best of Our Knowledge: Going Green

Going Green
To the Best of Our Knowledge (PRI)


Colin Beavan is a mild mannered writer and a self-described "guilty liberal." He maintains a blog of his and his wife's experiments in what they call "no impact living," and talks about it with Anne Strainchamps. Also, Bill McKibben has been warning us about global warming since his 1989 book "The End of Nature." In his new Book, "Deep Economy," he makes the case that "more" does not lead to a happier life. McKibben tells Steve Paulson that people seem to be happier with what's good for the planet.


Jeff Ferrell gave up life as a tenured professor and became a dumpster diver. His new book is "Empire of Scrounge." Ferrell tells Steve Paulson about the underground world of street scavenging in a consumer society. Also, environmentalist and entrepreneur Paul Hawken started counting up the people and organizations who are quietly trying to save the world and found over a million of them. His book about them is "Blessed Unrest: How the Largest Movement in the World Came into Being and Why No One Saw It Coming." Hawken tells Anne Strainchamps who comprises this movement and what they're doing.


Linda Lear is the author of "Beatrix Potter: A Life in Nature." She tells Jim Fleming that the creator of Peter Rabbit could have been a scientist, that she understood the power of merchandising, and that she ended up a wealthy farmer who donated the land that became the National Lake District Park in England. And we hear Meryl Streep read from "Peter Rabbit." Also, a sure sign of spring in the mid-west is the sound of sand hill cranes returning home. We hear Aldo Leopold's thoughts, and those of commentator Rima Snyder, and some crane sound.

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