Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tapestry of the Times #5: Red Allen/Frank Wakefield; Snooks Eaglin; Berzilla Wallin; Peggy Seeger; Mary Stachelrodt; Mary Pinckney

(A new radio show dedicated to mining the history of the legendary Smithsonian Folkway Recordings. This is going to be an amazing, long-running show as the SFR recorded music and spoken word from around the world for 42 years!)

Tapestry of the Times (WPYR: Baltimore) #5
Host: Aaron Henkin

In this episode of Tapestry of the Times, songs from New Orleans street singer Snooks Eaglin, Calypso from Trinidad’s Mighty Sparrow, the sounds of Brazilian capoeiristas, music from mountains of Puerto Rico, and lush layers of melody from Zimbabwe. Plus: a showcase of female vocal talents Berzilla Wallin, Peggy Seeger, gospel traditionalist Mary Pinckney, and Alaskan Yupi’k singer Mary Stachelrodt. Real music, real people, and the stories behind the sounds…

To Listen to the Show

The Mighty Sparrow and Lord Melody


Aaron Henkin said...

Dear Thivai,

Thanks for the kind words about Tapestry of the Times. It's a real pleasure and a privilege to put the show together, and I'm thriled that folks like you are finding out about it and enjoying the content!

All my best,
Aaron Henkin
creator, host, and producer of "Tapestry of the Times"

Michael Benton said...


What an amazing opportunity to delve into and select music from such a rich musical heritage. I envy your work :) and celebrate your efforts. I look forward to future shows and will spread the word about this great show.