Monday, October 06, 2008

Naomi Klein: On Milton Friedman's Links to the Current Economic Crisis

(Naomi Klein shows up at the center of Milton Friedman economics, The University of Chicago, and outlines what is wrong with it. A clear demonstration of Naomi Klein's important critiques and her courage in facing her most vocal critics. Essential for anyone angry or confused or interested in the roots of the current economic crisis. Courtesy of Michael Marchman who was fortunate to attend it!)

Naomi Klein: Wall St. Crisis Should Be for Neoliberalism What Fall of Berlin Wall Was for Communism
Democracy Now

As the world reels from the financial crisis on Wall Street and the taxpayer-funded $700 billion bailout, we spend the hour with Naomi Klein on the economy, politics and “disaster capitalism.” The Shock Doctrine author recently spoke at the University of Chicago to oppose the creation of an economic research center named after the University’s most famous economist, Milton Friedman. Klein says Friedman’s economic philosophy championed the kind of deregulation that led to the current crisis.

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