Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Story: Destroyed by the War

Destroyed by the War
The Story (American Public Media)
Host: Dick Gordon

Nearly two full years after he got home from Iraq, Byron Hancock's PTSD was at its worst. His wife Kristi came home from work one day to find a war movie blasting on the television and his military gear spread across the floor. Byron told her that he'd killed a neighbor and had to leave town. Kristi was eventually able to bring Byron back to reality, but even today he struggles.

As Byron and Kristi tell Dick Gordon, they were the last to expect this.

Byron was one of the top snipers in the Marine Corps, and an experienced police officer. He'd seen a lot of trauma. But coming home from Iraq, the flashbacks and nightmares were more than he could handle. He started drinking and eventually left his job.

These days, Byron has finally found some help. He's now at the Trauma Recovery Program of the V.A. Palo Alto Health Care System.

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